Samantha the sex doll

Samantha sex doll sets Kenyan men on fire

samantha the sex doll
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WATCH: Meet Samantha, the sex robot

A sex doll named Samatha developed in the western world has set Kenyan men on fire — quite literally., Thanks to sex toys, women have for a long time had the option of enjoying sexual pleasure without the aid of men.

Samantha will now go into ‘dummy mode’ if she detects that her user is being too aggressive or if she feels bored by her user's sexual behavior. Samantha’s inventor, Dr. Sergi Santos unveiled the new feature at the Life Science Center in Newcastle, England earlier this week.
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Sex Robot Samantha Creator Just Cleared Up a Major Misconception

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Sex robots will help save marriages according to an inventor of the cyborg lovers - who claims it has helped his own. Sergi, from Rubi, Catalonia in Spain, credits Samantha - who has three different sexual personas, ranging from shy to raging nymphomaniac - with enhancing his sexual endurance.

Sex Robot Samantha Gets an Update to Say "No" If She Feels Disrespected or Bored

In the not too distant future, you could be cuddling up to your cyber sex doll — only to receive the automated response that it has a headache. The robot has sensors hidden under its skin, so it can respond to affection like a real-life person. Samantha has been designed to purr like a kitten and whisper endearments — but only if stimulated the correct way.

The inventor of Samantha the sex doll has unveiled a new feature that puts the doll in 'dummy mode' if she detects aggression. Arguably the world's most famous sex doll, Samantha has a new feature. Santos says he created the new feature at the insistence of his wife. When in dummy mode, the motorized parts of Samantha's body, her hands, arms, hips, facial expressions, etc will shut down. While the feature might encourage some users to treat the robot with respect and care to avoid it going into dummy mode, other could arguably seek out the lifeless robot by abusing it. There are no consequences of using the robot when in dummy mode which seems to forfeit any of the reasons the feature was invented in the beginning. However, this failure to understand what consent means is not a surprise if you look at the history of Dr.


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    THE makers of a sex robot which can be "seduced" have claimed men are already "falling in love" with their creation.

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    Smart sex doll Samantha has reportedly been upgraded with the power to say “ no,” as demonstrated to a panel of “sexperts” at the Life Science.

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