Most graphic sex scenes

Unsimulated sex

most graphic sex scenes
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25 Movies Where the Actors Have Actual Sex

On that note, here are the most gorgeous, graphic, and in some cases groundbreaking sex scenes we've seen on the small screen.
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Fact one: People have sex. Fact two: Because sex is a natural human experience, some movie directors opt to include it in their films—unsimulated—for a heightened sense of realism, which means you're looking at real people having real intercourse. Here are 25 movies that broke taboos for just that. This era film features an insane amount of unsimulated sex, including a threesome and an orgy. Other fun fact: the movie debuted at Cannes. This art house film is about a woman whose boyfriend won't have sex with her, causing her to start looking elsewhere. And yes, it features unsimulated sex throughout.

Though some stunt, er, parts were employed, you are basically watching actors like Charlotte Gainsbourg and Shia LeBeouf engage in the sort of unsimulated activities you associate with porn stars.


  1. Rico B. says:

    Barely Legal: 30 Nearly Pornographic Mainstream Films – Rolling Stone

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    In the film industry, unsimulated sex is the presentation in a film of sex scenes where the actors engage in an actual sex act and are not just miming or simulating the actions.

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    31 Best TV Sex Scenes of All Time - Most Graphic & Explicit Sex on TV

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