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Siberia, Monamour

monamour watch online
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Monamour 2006 - Tinto Brass - HD

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Sulukule Mon Amour

Sign in. - Film internet streaming Mercedes mon Amour HD Movies Online, which alone should provide you a sign of methods substantially people love thi

The movie follows the torrid affair between Marta, who hasn't been able to achieve sexual satisfaction for months due to her dull and predictable marriage and handsome and mysterious artist Leon. Now, to watch movies online in good quality you do not have to pay a penny.
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Gizem and Dina are two young women in Sulukule, a district of Istanbul that is facing demolition. They dance in the streets and atop the ancient city walls with a torch raised triumphantly on high, burning colored smoke. Their dance is resistance, a celebration of their freedom. And there's also freedom in the striking visualization of this film portrait, with all the dances in slow motion, in exciting contrast with the soundtrack. They tell most of their story offscreen. When they started dancing, they were told that "People will stare at you, men will lust for you. They want something else—they want to be happy.


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    Starring: Anna Jimskaia, Riccardo Marino, Max Parodi, Nela Lucic. Storyline: Monamour () Dario is a little publisher from Milano. While Dario is busy with his own business, Marta take a visit to the celebrated Palazzo Te; here under Giulio Romano's fresco representing Jupiter's.

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