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autoerotic asphyxia

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Autoerotic Asphyxiation May Threaten More Kids Than Previously Thought

Erotic asphyxiation

Erotic asphyxiation variously called asphyxiophilia , hypoxyphilia or breath control play is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for the purposes of sexual arousal. The term autoerotic asphyxiation is used when the act is done by a person to themselves. Colloquially, a person engaging in the activity is sometimes called a gasper.
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Asphyxiation is a not uncommon outcome of certain addictions , whether it is accidental or self-inflicted. Asphyxiation, also known as asphyxia , is the term used to describe the loss of consciousness or death due to the lack of oxygen. Asphyxiation may be caused by suffocation, smothering, strangling, choking, drowning, Injury, exposure to noxious gases such as carbon monoxide , or such medical conditions as sleep apnea , acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS , or congenital central hypoventilation syndrome CCHS. Within the context of addition, we tend to associate asphyxiation with a drug overdose or alcohol poisoning. A less common cause is the intentional self-infliction of strangulation, known as autoerotic asphyxiation, commonly associated with sex addiction. There are several different ways that drug or alcohol use directly or indirectly cause asphyxiation death.

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