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First nudist beach legalised in Rio de Janeiro, residents' reaction Brazilian city officially designated Abrico beach as nudist last month.
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Rio de Janeiro opens its first nudist beach

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Nudist beach - Tambau Beach

By Patricia Ribeiro. Nude beaches in Brazil are not numerous, but they're certainly beautiful. Nudism is practiced unofficially in several Brazilian beaches, but on many of them, there are breaches of the naturist's code of ethics and nudists may face the risk of harassment or worse.

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Go Back. A sunbather who felt offended and called the police to remove the naked bathers was told by the officer that there was nothing he could do since the place was to be shared with the nudist crowd now. Even though the fight went on for so long, the naturists were caught with their pants down having to improvise cardboard handwritten signs placed on sticks buried in the sand, so people inclined to sunbathe on the nude would find their new sanctuary in Rio and those wanting to keep their clothes on wouldn't be shocked. Defending his naturism views, Ribeiro wrote in Rio's daily O Dia : "If we really followed the Brazilian tradition, we'd all be naked, because the real Brazilian, the Indian, already practiced naturalism long before Brazil was discovered, as reported by Caminha. Today he is dressed, languishing in a culture that is not his own.


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