Gerontophilia movie online

Gerontophilia (2013)

gerontophilia movie online
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A male youth begins exploring his attraction to much much older men while working in a nursing home. - Watch Online Free No Download.

Gerontophilia (). Lake is in a straight relationship Watch Online. Release Date: May 1st, Trailers and Clips. view all Gerontophilia - Trailer No. 1.
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Perhaps it has to do with the literal fluidity of water, or the very acoustics of the public swimming-pool ambiance, harkening back to the place where boys see men naked for the first time without having to feel guilty. - Maybe if the actors had been coached to actually act, it would have come across better, but their painfully stilted delivery is leaden rather than campily artificial.

Out of Stock. Sign in to rate or review. The film follows Lake Lajoie , a young man who finds he is attracted to much older men after an incident at a swimming pool. When Lake's mother offers him a job working at a retirement home for the summer, he jumps at the chance to satiate his new fetish.

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    When year old Lake gets a job in a nursing home, he develops an attraction for an elderly man. Discovering that the patients are being over-medicated to.

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    This cross-generational romance sports a great title and a funny opening before going all limp.

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