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Coco Velvett: The Hand Biting And Arm Biting Nurse

biting fetish net
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Registered in Ireland: Sometimes, however, she bites hard and it really hurts. Biting can be a strangely pleasurable experience. The reason why is difficult to describe, but biting is actually an important part of our evolutionary heritage. In their fascinating book Patterns of Sexual Behaviour the anthropologist Clellan S Ford and the ethologist Frank A Beach suggested that sexual biting is common in a number of societies, but it appears to be something women enjoy more than men. Your girlfriend clearly loves the sensation of biting your skin, but when she is sexually aroused she loses her capacity to recognise how far is too far, and ends up hurting you.


  1. Beth E. says:

    I think i have a #bitingfetish I b havin the urge to bite females #RandomTweet cheeks when he was a toddler he started 2 ask can he bit mine. ;) #bitingfetish.

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