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Compulsive sexual behavior, otherwise known as sexual addiction, is an emerging psychiatric disorder that has significant medical and psychiatric consequences. Until recently, very little empirical data existed to explain the biological, psychological, and social risk factors that contribute to this condition. In addition, clinical issues, such as the natural course and best practices on treating sexual addictions, have not been formalized. Despite this absence, the number of patients and communities requesting assistance with this problem remains significant. This article will review the clinical features of compulsive sexual behavior and will summarize the current evidence for psychological and pharmacological treatment. Sexuality in the United States has never been more socially acceptable.

I'm not saying that's the way it should be, or that women don't partake, hell no. It's just that, for women, until more recently, it's mostly been a private affair. It's even masculine in its identity. Maybe if it were called "misses"bation instead of "mastur"bation, women would have been more inclined to go public with their pubic athletics.


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