Rules of dating how i met your mother

11 "HIMYM" Dating Theories And Rules That Still Apply In 2018

rules of dating how i met your mother
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16 Social Theories And Relationship Rules From "How I Met Your Mother"

Because Ted is telling the story to his kids, this gives the show the ability to skip forward in time, back in time, and just mess about with things that made for some really interesting episodes., Upon dating someone new, some people fall head over heels, become totally besotted and start planning the rest of their lives together within a few weeks.

This entry is in response to the episode Sunrise.
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The Bro Code

Sorry "Friends". Not only is the dialogue witty, the characters so developed that even minor characters leave an impression on the audience, but it also has the viewer take away valuable life lessons that apply to real-life situations. It is the perfect coming of age story for any college student or young adult just starting to think about the real world.


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