Embrace the darkness 2

Embrace The Darkness

embrace the darkness 2
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Embrace The Darkness full movie

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Also Known As: Entrevista com a Vampira 2 See more Connections. Followed by Embrace the Darkness 3 () See more.
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Embrace the Darkness

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. Young Jennifer Renee Rea has been unwillingly indoctrinated into eternal life as a vampire.
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Embrace the Darkness 2

Shay is half human, half shalott. Her blood is craved by vampires and because of this shalotts are extinct. For the last eighty years, Shay has been a slave, sold and beaten again and again, all because of a curse that makes it impossible for her to escape.

Legendary Demon. Summon the power of the legendary demon to transform into a powerful avatar. Pulse torment to nearby foes. Using skills that cost energy increases the torment applied on the next pulse.


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