Make ps4 controller vibrate

Vibration function on the DUALSHOCK 3 controller

make ps4 controller vibrate

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Users can make a PC game controller vibrate continuously to produce a relaxing massage behind the neck, along the back or under the foot. This is possible for a number of devices, but each require different procedures to activate the function. Gamers can access continuous vibration with the PC controller by downloading the corresponding game profile.
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How to make a controller vibrate using android

It seems there is no built-in function for handling vibration on controllers., Log In Sign Up.

Some vibration compatible software titles will only support the vibration function by downloading an in-game update. This will vary by title. If it is necessary for your vibration compatible software title to install an in-game update, there are two ways in which this works. With the majority of titles, as soon as the software title loads, the user will be prompted to download the update. Once the user has downloaded the update, the software title can continue loading as normal and the vibration function will then be supported. If the vibration compatible software title loads and there is no automatic prompt for an update, it may be necessary to access the online portion of the software title.



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    So i just bought a used ps4 controller and im not sure if the vibrator is working properly so is there a way to see if it working right or no. 7 comments. share. save.

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