Penny and inspector gadget costume

Inspector Gadget Men's Costume

penny and inspector gadget costume
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Penny Gadget Hardcore

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Do-Do-Do-Do-Doot INSPECTOR GADGET! Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Dooooot! *This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Today, 80+ blog buddies and I.
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Original Homemade Inspector Gadget and Penny Couple Costumes

My Penny costume from Inspector Gadget "Come in Brain!" Halloween Halloween Couple costumes: Homemade Inspector Gadget, Penny and Brain.
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Inspector Gadget is creative, heroic, mild-mannered, determined, brave and kindhearted, although he's also dim-witted, bumbling, gullible, incompetent, clumsy, and clueless. He also has a horrible judge of character and he thinks that the bad guys are his allies and his allies are his enemies.


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    What would it be like to be half man and half machine?

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