Sakura and konan


sakura and konan
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Naruto Threesome at the Beach with Tsunade, Hinata and Sakura

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Simple question, I care more about collecting characters than power, gave up stressing over pvp stuff a long time ago as I cant afford to run with the big boys anyway. I have enough saved coupons I could get 1 of these characters this week, if they seem worth it, before I make that call though..
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Konan Vs Sakura

After training under Tsunade for over two years, Sakura's taijutsu increased greatly, along with her chakra control abilities the latter of which became a cornerstone to many of her skills. By building up chakra into her fists and infrequently her feet and releasing it on contact with a target, it grants her what Naruto constantly refers to as "monstrous strength". When used against living targets, Sakura can break bones, rupture organs, or kill with a single strike.

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