Steven universe peridot and lapis

The One Where We Realize Peridot and Lapis Are An Actual Couple

steven universe peridot and lapis
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Steven Universe peridot x garnet with lapis by

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Lapis Lazuli/Peridot

It's not a shell. There's so much life, living here.

For some time, Peridot lived in the barn with Lapis Lazuli. She even resorts to kidnapping Steven so he can try to repair the Homeworld .. Steven Universe.
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Lapis Lazuli

Oh, this episode of Steven Universe hurt my soul, you guys.
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Day after that, my friend had printed it and presented to voice actors of Steven Universe. I hope they like my drawings. Sometimes I think about how much of a shame it is that Rose Quartz never met Peridot. They would have been BFFs. A long time ago I saw art where a poster with pearls was spoiled by paint And I got the idea where Crystal Gems each in its own court are engaged in vandalism, thus acting on the consciousness of other gems, periodically fighting guards and keeping all courts in suspense. Pink and White Court. Log in Sign up.

I couldn't stay away.


  1. Mark M. says:

    They were first seen together in "Jail Break" and later is revealed that Lapis is Peridot's unwilling informant after she was captured when returning to Homeworld.

  2. Cassandra B. says:

    In "Raising the Barn", Lapis offers Steven the chance to flee Earth with her and Peridot to remain safe from the Diamonds. Steven declines the offer, but affirms.

  3. Chris G. says:

    Lapis Lazuli

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