Difference between tahiti and fiji

Fiji or Tahiti?

difference between tahiti and fiji
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If you had to choose between visiting Fiji or Tahiti, which would you prefer and why? I have carried on a love affair with the region since , the days i spent there have allowed me to form very strong and passionate opinions.
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Fiji vs. Tahiti - Fiji Forum

Read on for tips and strategies that can help you decide. Both are pretty far out in the Pacific Ocean, but Fiji is farther.

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There are significant differences between Tahiti and Fiji: There are significant on what they see. Read on to learn the differences between Tahiti and Fiji.
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I am trying to plan a surprise day trip for my husband. It will just be the two of us. We've been to French Polynesia 5 times and Fiji twice once via a cruise ship and once for a 2 week land stay. Fiji is very tidal and the one resort that has them on Fiji reportedly is over mud during low tide. A benefit to Fiji is that the snorkeling and diving is amazing.

Looking at staying 8 nights in Fiji or Tahiti. Most important to us - fantastic beaches, great snorkeling, excellent service, yummy food, fun water activities.


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    There are great reasons for traveling to both Tahiti and Fiji, so which is right for you? Learn how they're the same and different and get help.

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    An insider's guide to choosing the island that best fits your style

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