Skins maxxie and anwar

"Maxxie and Anwar" (Episode 1.06)

skins maxxie and anwar

Gabrielle Anwar - Topless Teen, Shower - Body Snatchers (1993)

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Maxxie and Anwar

This episode primarily focuses on Maxxie Oliver and Anwar Kharral and the strain of their relationship due to Anwar becoming extremely uncomfortable with Maxxie's sexuality, since it goes against Anwar's religious beliefs. - He is portrayed by actor Mitch Hewer.

Maybe we should just never let the teens of Skins out of the country at all? However, Anwar freaks when he sees the cute picture Maxxie drew of them together followed by a drawing of a penis. He of course assumes the penis is his.
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Roundview Sixth Form College's Year 12 history class and, for some reason, Tony are going to Russia to study post- Soviet developments in the country. The class is excited to arrive, but not for the "learning experience" that teacher Tom is so enthused over, but because they are planning on a massive party, and are smuggling drugs into Russia stored in Sid's anus. As the group land in Russia, Sid gets through the metal detectors but is close to being found out by sniffer dogs.



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