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oga and hilda
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Then Hilda takes Oga's wrist to check the Zebul Spell, and Oga finds out that she got caught on purpose to measure Himekawa's strength. When Oga tells her.
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Tatsumi Oga

One of my biggest regret in my manga reading life is that I never have the chance to see Tatsugarde becoming canon., Login Sign Up.

The sky was bright, the breeze in the air gives off a relaxing feeling to anyone who could feel and Hilda was less of a bitch that morning but for Oga Tatsumi all was not.. Oga was walking the the staircase of their home, clad in his school uniform. He held his child with his arms, both father and son was yawning their way to the kitchen.

Hilda is an extremely beautiful young woman with glossy blonde hair that covers one side of her face and is usually tied in a bun, forest green eyes and has a large bust on par, if not larger than her sister. Her clothes are mostly elegant and black with frills and white quillings, thus resembling elegant gothic lolita fashion. She is seen wearing other outfits on a few occasions. One occasion being right after she wakes up, where she was wearing a modest pink nightgown with her hair down. In one chapter, she was shown wearing a yukata while playing with fireworks along with Lamia. When she infiltrates Oga's current school she dresses in the Saint Ishiyama High uniform, though she complains that the shirt is "a little tight". Hilda normally keeps her left eye covered.


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    Demon Maid.

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    For other uses, see Oga disambiguation.

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    Aoi is at first outraged at fighting Oga's bride, misunderstanding Hilda's role in Oga's life. Thinking that Beel was Hilda's son that she abandoned to Oga, Aoi.

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