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This wiki was set up by me as a ready backup to the original wiki in case of an event where the original wiki would become inaccessible for a long period of time server problems, Wikimedia being down etc.
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[Karbo] Check and Mate

Chalyss' family is preparing for the arrival of some very important guests and allies. As a -soon to be- Princess of Hell, the succubus has some pressing duties she must attend to, in order to properly greet them. Whimsical as she is though, Chalyss tends to not take take them seriously.

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We and our partners use Cookies and non-sensitive data to personalize your experience, measure audience and provide personalized advertising. You can consent to the use of this technology or manage your settings to fully control the data collected and processed. So today I was wondering about the Succubuses. Based off of Check and Mate.

To put it simply, were Rule 34 and a Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual to have hardcore ball-busting sex , monstergirls would be the product of their sweaty lust, and both parents would look upon their children with pride. In essence: Take a monster and add bits of female human anatomy until you have something left that's fairly sexy. Then, for good measure, add a bit of behavioral changes similar to the creature before. The most common form of this, especially from Weeaboo artists, is basically a human girl with tails, ears, inhuman limbs, spikes, tentacles , or whatever; they often ending up looking like cosplay creations if not handled well. The Japanese like to use the term "Kemonomimi" to describe this kind of girl, which literally translates as "animal ears". Most otherwise animalistic monsters fall under this category by giving them more human features than their original versions i. Gnolls and kobolds occupy an uncertain place in particular, since even most MG fans can't really picture them without a bestial-looking face


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