Dom and sub stories

5 Sex Stories About Submission That Will Make You Say "YES, Master!"

dom and sub stories
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Dom//sub - I know exactly why youre here [Erotic Audio for Women]

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I give you an excerpt from My Sub and Her Phone:. My pet and I lay in bed, enjoying a lazy, naked Saturday afternoon. These are the times when we are more like the romantic couple that we were when we began dating, than the Sir and his pet that we have become over the years.
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Submissive Kittenís Day part one: Morning

To my master, I am Kitten. - Begin typing your search above and press return to search.

I Donít Have a Boyfriend. I Have a Dom.

have you learned your lesson Grace" I say waiting for her to be sweet and obedient. " sir pl please don't hurt me again." she stutters as she lays there.
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The Story of a sub and a Dom. Below is the full summery of the story, mostly portrayed in the thoughts of one of the main character, Alec, a female Dom. If you are not a fan of BDSM, then I would suggest you turn away and find yourself another story to read, because that is what this story is about. If you are a fan or perhaps even a fellow person that enjoys the idea, then I bid for you to enjoy! For a side note, this story will be given on two sides, Alec and Luna; you will be warned when the change comes, have no fear.

When I first met Doug on Match. He had a big position with a top financial firm; I headed up public relations for a health-care nonprofit. On our first date, although we only kissed, he told me I wouldn't be the same when he was done with me. I knew he was rightóI just didn't know what it meant. Neither of us did.


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    If you've caught yourself saying this before then you should definitely read this.

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    Takeaway: Living life as a submissive isn't what most people expect - and it isn't all about sex.

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