Sizegenetics before and after

Sizegenetics Before and After Pictures *Not Safe For Work*

sizegenetics before and after
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Sizegenetics Before And After

I started using the SizeGenetics extender over 6 months ago so I thought it was about time to post my before and after pictures and write this review!, Get in shape and lose the belly fat.

It has been clinically tested and endrosed by popular doctors such as Dr. Jorn Ege Siana and Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen.
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Having qualified with a medical doctor qualification at the University of Copenhagen medical school in , Dr Siana has gone on to be one of the worlds leading professionals in the field of plastic and general surgery. Eager to prove that the device was more than just a tool for healing, Dr Siana began clinical testing. This helped to prove that the device was also able to produce the desired results and straighten out curvatures, regardless of whether the patient had received surgery or not. As a qualified and practicing plastic surgeon my work often involves working with men who are insecure about their penis. These men will often ask if surgery is the answer, in some cases it is but I will always recommend alternative methods to be used instead of or alongside surgery. This is the only device I trust as a clinically tested medical type 1 device able to help:. Sometimes men will ask me if there is a cheaper device available.

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    It's been a full 6 months since I began using the SizeGenetics extender & I've decided to share my before and after pics. This should clear.

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