Bounce dat azz up and down

Bounce Dat Azz

bounce dat azz up and down
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#1. TT Tucker & DJ Irv "Where Dey At" (1992) / DJ Jimi "Where Dey At" (1990)

It was released on February 24, as the second single from his album Degreez. The song was Juvenile's biggest hit single until the release of " Slow Motion " in , peaking at number 19 on the Billboard Hot
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Wuzzup, dawg? I heard you been out in California, ballin outta control! Bounce that azz, bounce that azz, you hoes bounce that azz You shouldn't of wore bikinis if you came to dance.
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Girl you working with some ass, yeah, you bad, yeah Make a nigga spend his cash, yeah, his last, yeah Ho's frown when you pass, yeah, they mad, yeah You can ride in the jag, yeah, with that, yeah You could smoke a fya bag, yeah, of grass, yeah Got money I could flash, yeah, and trash, yeah I'm a big tymer nigga, yeah, pull the trigger, yeah A player hater flipper, yeah, grave filler, yeah I be slanging wood, yeah, out the hood, yeah Let it be understood, yeah, it's all good, yeah Got a nigga screaming: Lord! - The story goes that TT Tucker and DJ Irv perfected and popularized the formula while working local clubs and with an out-the-trunk tape release.

Just over 20 years ago, on November 3, , Juvenile released his third album, Degreez. Undoubtedly, it was played across the country and the world on dance floors this weekend. We get it. I like it when they move. I notice certain sounds, the way certain drops happen in songs, and the way [DJs] format it made a difference on the dance floor. Fresh then follows by explaining how his father played a significant role in becoming a DJ and ultimately, meeting Juvenile. My Christmas gifts was always DJ equipment.



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