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Encyclopedia Griffin

This short video is a porn parody about Family Guy's episode 4th from 9th season "Halloween on Spooner Street"., Here is a list of the most noteworthy.

Meg and Quagmire

Please try again later. Published on Sep 19, CHRIS AND MEG HAVE SEX TOGETHER?!?! - INCEST CONFIRMED!! (Family Guy).
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Meg and Quagmire

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Meg Griffin is, without a doubt, the most miserable member of the Griffin family. Lois, her own mother, laughs at the idea of Meg being popular or having a boyfriend, Stewie taunts her mercilessly, Chris makes fun of her for being fat and worthless which, given his own size and talents, seems a little hypocritical , Brian puts her down… and Peter. Peter is the worst of them all, as he physically and emotionally abuses his daughter in every other episode. As the seasons continue, the abuse gets worse and worse, and Family Guy fans tend to feel a little bit sorry for Meg -- an awkward teenage girl who is treated like a leper by her own family. Over the past decade and a half, Meg has done some truly awful things -- psychotic, violent, manipulative, and often abusive things. They drive her crazy by treating her like a servant, pouring beer on her, being loud and drunk and expecting her to get up in the middle of the night to drive them home from the bar, and generally behaving exactly how we would expect Peter to behave toward Meg.


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